Children’s swimming lessons

Come to our swimming classes specially designed for kids and be prepared for performance.

Health in every aspect

Swimming is a complex sport that decisively contributes to the strengthening of the immune system.

Learn to play

Learn the specific swim techniques in a playful way and be prepared to enjoy time at the pool.

Flexible program

We know how important it is to be able to swim when you have time – we’re here for early appointments.

Supported by Aqua Swim

About Us!

Together with the most prominent professional instructors working in our club, young children will gradually move from just playing in the swimming pool to the essential basic moves in practicing various swimming styles. Together with the personal instructor, the children will quickly overcome fear of water and will quickly come for swimming for pleasure.

Swimming for children!

We are a team of young instructors but with a long experience as swimmers – we love what we do and that’s what we want to pass to every child we work with. We know that playing is the easiest form of learning for children, so things are simpler for us: we play in the pool until we learn to swim, and we enjoy the water in every possible way.

If your child is going swimming to become a preofessional or just swimming for pleasure, this is a choice that will be highlighted along the way, but swimming classes with our instructors will ensure your kid’s passion in swimming.


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